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Value Added Tech Services

When it comes to customer service, the more your business can add value to every customer experience. The higher your retention will be. Your growth and success depend on your ability to create new customers while retaining those you already have. So, it’s critical to find new and innovative ways to maximize your customer engagement for your call center. Our Value-Added Tech Services is your ultimate tool to create state-of-the-art solutions that add exceptional value to every customer that calls your customer service contact center.


At Collective Solution, we ensure your business stays on the cutting edge of innovation while providing interactive and full-service customer care solutions that ensure your growth. Our revolutionary IVR service provides your call center with the ability to interact with your customers while increasing your productivity.


When your customers have a reliable option to handle their more manageable tasks and issues that IVR provides, your employees can focus on the more complex call center and customer care issues that arise. Our IVR technology seamlessly integrates into your PBX and is designed to kick-start your call center right away.


We have solutions for every possible situation that may arise at your call center, from the predictive dialer and call routing to aftercall surveys and more. Customers are your most prized accomplishment as a business owner. However, you’ll have a more challenging time repeating conversions and maintaining current clients without the proper customer care solutions in place.


With our value-added technology services backing your business, you’ll achieve the growth you’ve always wanted in no time at all. Every solution we offer is built to maximize your customer satisfaction and optimize your success. We don’t believe that you have to sacrifice one for the other.