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  A contact center is supported by diverse technologies designed to enhance the customer experience. These forms of contact may come through different channels depending on the industry and size of the company. Whether the interactions come by call, text, email, or social media Collective Solution is ready to support your company with content moderation and data annotation. With a variety of up-to-date tools we guarantee the best experience with your technological requests. Focus your energy and resources in technology enhancement that will support the core of your company. With the right partner you can get all the big data analysis that come with your customer’s interactions in easily digestively reports for accurate decision making.



Computers, applications, and programs process visual information using algorithms finding similarities between data. To get started a computer needs to be told what it’s interpreting and provide a context in order to make decisions. Data annotation makes those connections. It’s the human-led task of labeling content such as text, audio, images, and video so it can be recognized by machine learning models and used to make predictions. The data needs to be classified numerous times before a machine can decipher patterns.
Data annotation is both a critical and impressive feat when you consider the current rate of data creation. Data is the backbone of the customer experience. How well you know your clients directly impacts the quality of their experiences. As brands gather more and more insight into their customers, AI can help make the data collected actionable. This process requires precision and error correction. Our data annotation specialists have a specialized focus on process optimization and accuracy.



Enhance your brand and adapt it to different media with our design experts. Create brand exposure by making your name visible in various printed applications like stationary, desk supplies, apparel and more. Have your employees and customer be brand ambassadors with the right props. With higher awareness you are more likely to increase sales with existing and new consumers.  



Content is king in the modern world of advertising and marketing. The advent of social media and the development of smartphone technology has ushered in an entirely new world of business communication and interaction. Customers are expecting and demanding innovative ideas every day. Businesses that aren’t prepared to meet these new expectations are falling behind no matter how great their products or services. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Collective Solution is an experienced content moderation professional with years of experience helping businesses in a wide variety of sectors master their marketing efforts.

Our content moderation efforts are supported by some of the best AI available along with an engaged, skilled and highly knowledgeable workforce. We seamlessly integrate these solutions into your business’s current operations to minimize disruptions and increase effectiveness. Our team can also ban parameters based on RPH, Quality, NSFW-Bans and Recommendations. Through our diligent efforts, we’ve been able to maintain an impressive 99.9% accuracy on the moderation process – something all businesses would love to see. Our team will work alongside your staff for a seamless transfer of information and data. We’ll keep you in the know without burdening you with the hassles of these daily tasks.

While other content moderation providers offer a cookie cutter and one-size-fits-all approach, we offer fully personalized solutions that are catered to meet the needs of your business. We’ll kick things off by getting to understand your company’s daily operations, content type, audience, challenges, and long-term goals. Then, we’ll get to work devising a completely individualized content moderation program that addresses your business’s key problems while working towards the achievement of your overall objectives. Our team is committed to the success of your business and will work hard to achieve the growth and development you desire.

If you need a hand with content moderation, Collective Solution can help. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and how your business can benefit.