You've got growth problems, we've got them solved.

Putting humanity at the forefront of call center excellence.

Our solutions were designed to be easily integrated into your existing programs and CRM platforms. We help you scale your business at the speed of current market demands.

An extention of your customer care team.

At Collective Solution we solve with humanity every interaction. Our specialized and tailored customer assistance service is available through an omni-channel connection making it a trustworthy and reliable extension of your team.

Revenue generation has never been easier.

Our dedicated collective solution associates are onboarded to your brand with the highest level of care and attention to detail. We pride ourselves in knowing all the attributes of your product or service as if we were a top in-house employee.

TechOps and Teamwork.

Technology, meet Operations.  Ops, meet Technology.  From data annotation to content moderation and graphic design, Collective Solution is ready to support your technical work types with experienced talent so you can focus on your core competencies. 

Putting back office at the top of the list.

Our back office solutions combine process improvement and cost efficiency with excellent service quality and real-time monitoring. Our skills in business process management make us the ultimate choice to reduce operational costs while allowing you to focus more on your core business activities and revenue generation.

Collective Solution, the smart choice.

All our collective solution services are available with the same quality and security as your in-house team. Enter the new option of outsourcing services from the comfort of your home at an even lower cost.