outsourcing customer service, explained

DECEMBER 27, 2021

Is customer support outsourcing right for you? Today the Collective Solutions team takes a look at the basics that go into deciding on the right business outsourcing partner, and what makes it right for an organization.

An Overview to Outsourcing Customer Service

Customer service outsourcing is more than merely outsourcing call center tasks, although that’s often included as part of the process. It means allowing a trusted third-party to take over all your customer management channels, interacting with your clients on your behalf and as your company. This allows your core team to concentrate on income-generating activities, while ensuring clients still receive the best possible experience.

When to Consider Outsourcing Customer Service

Good customer relations are the backbone of a business’ survivability. Yet it’s a very intensive activity that demands a lot of time, but turns very little revenue. This can make it difficult to provide your clients with an excellent service, while still needing to focus on that which pats your bread and butter.


Consider customer service outsourcing at any time in your business development that you feel you can’t provide your clients with high standards of service and cope with your other business duties. Be this as a small company looking to upgrade and grow, or a larger company who has peak and slow seasons.


Pros & Cons to Outsourcing Customer Service

Outsourcing customer support services brings both pros and cons to the table. Let’s take a look at both.

3 Pros to Outsourcing Customer Service

There are many pros to using customer service outsourcing companies. We look at three key elements here, but there are others. If you’re curious to know even more about the advantages, keep an eye on the Collective Solutions blog.

Pro #1 - Flexibility

It’s easy to scale your operations up and down when using BPO companies. So if you need to add after-hours services, or scale-up customer service around peak periods, you can easily do so. Your business is growing? Add some more members to the team. It couldn’t be easier.

Pro #2 - Special expertise

Customer service is an art. When you use a specialist outsourcing company, you can leverage both their infrastructure and their expertise without the need to create it yourself through investment and training.

Pro #3 - Cost-efficiency

With this expertise and scalability comes a managed cost you can predict. You don’t have to pay downtime, install specialist software that needs endless expensive updates, or suddenly face an inability to scale due to cost concerns.

3 Cons to Outsourcing Customer Service

Of course, nothing is created perfect. However, many of the cons to outsourcing customer service can be adequately managed through making the right choice of BPO partner. Let’s take a look.

Con #1 - Quality of care

An outsourced customer care partner is a step divorced from your company. So you can encounter a situation where the needs of your customers are not as urgent to them as they are to you. Choosing a responsible partner that cares about the service they offer and their reputation, however, will prevent this.

Con #2 - Shared focus

Of course, you’re highly unlikely to be the outsourcing partner’s only client. So this means they are not focused on you 24/7. Again, this is easily offset by finding a BPO partner who offers quality care to you as a client. You can also look for a service that offers dedicated agents who work only with your brand.

Con #3 - Quality of service

This is hardly unique to outsourcing, but worth considering anyway. Just as you wouldn’t keep a shoddy staff member on, don’t feel the need to keep on an outsourcing partner who isn’t delivering. If it’s a problem with one agent, discuss it with your BPO partner for a resolution. If it’s the whole company, time to find a caring partner instead.

How to Choose a Customer Service Outsourcing Company

Still wondering how to outsource customer service? Think of it like you would any other third-party partner. You need a dedicated, efficient and effective customer support outsourcing company whose values align with yours and with whom you can work easily. Look at their reputation and reviews. While cost must also be a key factor, focus on the ease of working with them, the services they offer compared to what you need, and their standards of service delivery.

Introduction to Collective Solution

Collective Solution offers you a holistic, simple, and hassle-free solution to outsourcing, including customer service outsourcing that can grow with you. Whatever your outsourcing needs, let us leverage our brand power to help you build your own. Not sure if outsourcing customer service is right for you? Why not get in touch with us today to answer all your questions?