nearshore outsourcing, explained

DECEMBER 10, 2021

With outsourcing the new name in the business game, more and more businesses are looking for fast, cost-effective outsourced solutions for a range of problems and day-to-day office tasks. Yet who wants to manage the endless headaches of dealing with teams across continents and time zones? While you may have considered outsourcing locally to you, nearshore outsourcing offers you the perfect blend of outsourced convenience and compatible schedules, and can be a far better solution. Let’s take a look.

An Overview to Nearshore Outsourcing

Outsourcing companies can be found globally, but that doesn’t mean a global approach is always the right match. From concerns about working hours right through to language barriers, you might not always want to work with an outsourced work partner who’s far away from you. With Nearshore outsourcing, you look to countries close to your own borders to ensure you find the best blend of productivity, success, and convenience.

Difference Between Nearshore Outsourcing & Offshore Outsourcing

In a global business process outsourcing marketplace, your partner companies could be anywhere in the world. That’s offshore outsourcing- they’re not in your country, and they’re not near you, either.


With nearshore outsourcing, however, you’re closing that space and looking for efficient, practiced partners near you- perhaps in the country next door, or just over your borders. This way you share common business hours and often work cultures and languages too, offering the most versatile combination of outsourcing opportunities possible.

When to Consider Nearshore Outsourcing

What businesses suit nearshore outsourcing? Anytime you need to broaden your talent pool and reduce business operating costs without compromising quality, nearshore outsourcing can work for you. While it’s often used by growing companies who need the operational flexibility without extra staffing costs, businesses of any size can benefit. This way you can share operational hours, languages, and cultural understanding with your BPO partner, while still enjoying all the pros of business outsourcing.

For almost
all businesses

the pros to Nearshore Outsourcing vastly outweigh the cons.

Pros & Cons to Nearshore Outsourcing

As with every business solution, Nearshore Outsourcing has a unique set of pros and cons.

3 Pros to Nearshore Outsourcing

For almost all businesses, the pros to Nearshore Outsourcing vastly outweigh the cons. There’s a range of reasons companies love Nearshore Outsourcing, but here’s three key points.

Pro #1 - No Timezone Clash

If you’re wondering how to outsource customer service-type roles without upset customers, or you simply need the peace of mind of knowing you can correspond in real-time, Nearshore Outsourcing is perfect for you.

Pro #2 - Cultural Alignment

Likewise, when you work with Nearshore Partners, you’re ensuring there’s no awkward language or cultural barriers impacting the way customers are handled or the way you do business.

Pro #3 - Large Talent Pool

By looking outside the immediate confines of your country, you’re opening the doors to a wealth of talent that will help your business grow.

3 Cons to Nearshore Outsourcing

Of course, nothing is wholly perfect. What cons can you expect from Nearshore Outsourcing?

Con #1 - Cost Savings

While your geographical proximity solves many of the problems inherent to outsourcing, you still may find it slightly less convenient than having someone in the room with you on your premises or a short drive away.

Con #2 - Time Zones

Because you’re looking in a more limited geographical area, you do have less access to global talent than when you look, well, globally. It’s rarely a problem, but worth considering in niche industries

Con #3 - Potentially higher costs

Nearshore solutions tend to be a little more costly than full offshore solutions. However, the benefits of having a BPO company so near in proximity will often offset the slight cost increase.

How to Choose a Nearshore Outsourcing Company

So, how do you choose when to outsource, and to whom? That depends entirely on your business. You may already be ready for nearshore outsourcing as a one-man band, struggling to focus on work over admin and customer service tasks. Or you could only feel the need as a growing or established company looking to leverage the most from their budget.


With nearshore outsourcing, you can reduce operational costs (vs hiring local) while still getting the best possible service and results. While a little oversight is needed, it’s a logical step to help you offset costs and still ensure your customers get the service they deserve.

Introduction to Collective Solution

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