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When it comes to running your business, you are laser-focused on future growth and success. But no matter how focused you are, there are always needs that require your attention to ensure your business is run efficiently and effectively every day. There isn’t enough time to optimize your business for success while creating opportunities for growth. Many business owners must choose between one or the other most of the time.


This is where Collective Solution comes in. Our comprehensive and state-of-the-art back office services are your ultimate tool to keep your focus where you need them. By outsourcing your back office responsibilities to our highly trained and experienced team, we take that burden off your hands and ensure that your business operates smoothly and continues to grow.


Our data entry specialists are here to ensure that you can focus on optimizing your business’ core services and products without worrying if the day-to-day operations and busy work are handled. We have back office services that include record maintenance, bookkeeping, accounting, IT services, regulatory compliance, settlements, data entry, data coding, and even translation services.


At Collective Solution, our entire team comprises a wide range of experts with decades of combined experience. We approach each task with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail to ensure that your business continues running optimally. Every back-office service we offer your business is fully customizable to fit the needs of every department. Whether you need call center support to increase customer engagement or sales agents to deliver unparalleled customer service to your customers, Collective Solution has you covered.


With talented professionals available 24/7, you and your customers won’t have to go a minute without professional advice.




Data storage and analysis represent a big asset in every company. The power of information can not be overlooked as it can assist you in making accurate and efficient decisions. Data can be obtained through different resources like digital, through calls, and even external events. One thing is to have the data, the other is to have the data being collected and processed in one language where it can be analyzed by your internal systems.


Data entry is a specialized task where data is collected and transcribed into an established process. Although important data entry is a time-consuming process. It doesn’t require special equipment but a skilled professional is necessary with attention to detail and speed to complete the job more promptly. Data entry includes transcribing handwritten documents, receipts, surveys, claims and products data entry, raw data conversion, and offline data entry services like forms processing.


Hiring a full-time employee solely for the data entry process can be too costly for most startups and small/medium companies. Sometimes, even large companies might occasionally need to outsource to take care of any additional data entry work. With an expert partner like Collective Solution you can focus on your core business while having the guarantee that your data will be collected, transcribed, and processed with care and accuracy.




Order processing is the workflow that happens after a customer places an order for your company. In your business, the process may start with confirming the products are in stock, picking the items from inventory, and sending them to a sorting area. For many retail companies, the next steps include order compilation, packaging, labeling, and shipping. Depending on the number of orders your receive you may find your team struggling through the process especially during high seasons or for promotions/discounts. With the support of a specialized partner, you can take off the burden from your employees so they focus on quality control and process innovations.


A highly detailed order processing workflow can be beneficial for your company but add additional working hours for your staff. Without trained personnel, your delivery process can suffer from order errors. Leading to discomfort with your consumers and higher sales costs. That’s why it is important to partner up with a company with high internal quality assurance controls and attention to detail like Collective Solution. Additionally, CS can support your company with the post-sale process with follow-ups to ensure satisfaction or answer any questions regarding the product purchased. Our goal is to guarantee effective order processing, meaning all items are delivered accurately, timely, and safely.