administrative support outsourcing, explained

DECEMBER 17, 2021

What is administrative support outsourcing? Today the team from Collective Solutions dives deep into the world of BPO companies, and the benefits they can bring to your business. Let’s get started.

An Overview to Administrative Support Outsourcing

If we told you there was a way to spend less time on basic admin tasks, and more generating traffic for your core business, what would you say? Too good to be true? Not quite! Admin support outsourcing offers you a chance to reform your back office to be smoother functioning, more efficient, and cost-effective.

When to Consider Administrative Support Outsourcing

Who should consider business support outsourcing? It’s a solution that can work for any business. As smaller businesses grow, they often find themselves encountering a bottleneck where they need more administrative help, but can’t afford the costs in infrastructure and salaries to onboard new staff. This leads to work piling onto existing staff, and you lose focus on your core work.


But small business isn’t the only category that can benefit from business process outsourcing. It’s only really cost-effective for large enterprises to carry full departments of admin staff, and even then, you encounter peak times where your existing staff may be too few, but you don’t need the long-term support of new permanent staff. Administrative support outsourcing can help with all of this.

Pros & Cons to Administrative Support Outsourcing

Of course, everything has its pros and cons. What is it that makes administrative support outsourcing an excellent solution? What downsides does it have? Let’s take a look.

3 Pros to Administrative Support Outsourcing

Most of the positives of business process outsourcing revolve around cost-efficiency and streamlined processes. What does this mean?

Pro #1 - Scalability

Need more administrative tasks handled at peak times? Scale up your outsourced processes. Hit a lull? Scale it back down. Expanding the business? Change your contract and onboard some more help. Unlike static departments and expensive infrastructure, it’s simple to adjust your outsourced admin to your needs.

Pro #2 - Cost-efficiency

Alongside this convenience of scale comes cost savings. No need to develop, support, and maintain expensive infrastructure on-site. You can leverage state-of-the-art training and facilities at a steady, fixed monthly cost. No benefits and salaries, not costly investment.

Pro #3 - Efficiency

With expert help on-hand, you aren’t faced with overworked staff trying to pick up administrative duties in your ‘spare time’. Concentrate on your core business functions, and let a trained team of admin pros handle your back office.

3 Cons to Administrative Support Outsourcing

Sounds fantastic, right? Of course, there’s always potential downsides to using any service. Let’s see what they are.

Con #1 - Loss of control

To be honest, this is the point. You don’t want to have to spend your time micromanaging admin. However, it can be a challenge to adapt to the loss of direct control. By working with your BPO partner, however, you can mitigate this through streamlined directions and through onboarding.

Con #2 - Communication

Obviously, it’s a lot easier to shout out your office door as a direct staff member than work through communication channels to talk to another company. Again, this con is completely preventable through picking the right BPO partner, considering things like their global location as well as their reputation and how comfortable you feel dealing with them.

Con #3 - Company Culture

It’s natural for your own staff members to feel threatened if they see you outsourcing to other companies. Perhaps they will worry that their jobs are next. It’s important to engage with your existing staff about the change to how admin is being handled and the many benefits it brings them instead of dismissing these concerns.

How to Choose an Administrative Support Outsourcing Company

As you can see, most of these concerns can be addressed by choosing the right partner. You want a firm with clear communication channels, efficient processes, and with which you can work for years to come.


Finding this partner is very much the process you use for every third party partner. Research the companies on your shortlist to seek out a trusted, reputable partner who cares about service and your business. While the ultimate cost matters, so does the service they can offer you.

Introduction to Collective Solution

Collective Solution is thrilled to offer a range of outsourcing solutions, both nearshore and at offshore level. We take pains to blend seamlessly with your existing company structures, ensuring the best possible BPO experience. We have a decade’s experience in efficient, effective outsourced solutions, so why not let us help you find the perfect solution today?