We don't provide a service, we provide a solution.

we solve problems
with a human touch.

Started by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, collective solution offers a human approach to call centers. We have spent the last decade growing, refining and excelling at delivering a top of the line customer service experience for our clients and our client’s clients. We provide the honest, sound solutions you require for your call center needs while offering the flexibility you want to scale seasonally based on the demands of your market.

How we deliver results for you :

We know that taking care of your customer is everything. That’s what makes our decades of experience providing phone, email, and chat support 24/7 such an asset

Our job is simple : To help you collect more and generate more right party contacts in a licensed and FDCPA compliant environment and that’s exactly what we are set up to do.

Passionate experts in data entry, data encoding, graphic editing and even content moderation we handle at scale by leaning into our proprietary technology.

Let us partner with you to understand your business needs and craft a flexible solution that is tailored to you and your needs.

Our team is your team.
your clients are like our clients.

Why Collective Solution?


As a company, we encourage innovation, high standards, and excellence. By evaluating performance indicators, we promote continuous improvements with measurable and studied solutions for your problems.

Highly Flexible

We service any kind of industry and company level, from start-ups to multinational corporations. Our workability is tailored to your needs: No minimum agent requirements and efficiently scalable. The right solution for you.


Our work is powered by passion. With highly dedicated professionals we guarantee a customer experience that goes beyond problem-solving. We create interactions that matter to give your customers a holistic experience.

What our clients
are saying!